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Special Bonus


First, let me Thank You for Upgrading to our
2-Year ELMessenger Subscription @ USD $697.00 (and by the way, our price will be going up to $797.00 in the New Year).

During this Special Sale Period, we are granting you 5 Extra 1-Year Licenses to ELMessenger Pro. You can give them away to family or friends or even Sell them and keep all the profits, if you want. This Bonus has a real value of $67/month X 12 months X 5 = $4,020.00

All you have to do to get these 5 Extra Licenses is to email me at [email protected] to request that I activate these licenses by providing me the Name, Phone Number and email of your 5 recipients. They will also receive the link to our full Video Training Modules that will not only walk them through the How To's but these will also turn them into pro user of the most powerful Chrome Extension for Messenger.

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